About Pauline Christian

The Community

Pauline has used the channels of work and church to contribute remarkably to our community. She has a spirit of service and motivates herself and her team in giving back to the community.  She also engages and brings people together for service through the community events that happen to fall under her leadership. She constantly works on community project almost 12 months per year. She is the executive producer of the Annual Martin Luther King Celebration and the Annual Choirfest which raise funds for Black scholarships.

Christian sits on several boards in our community.   She is presently the First Vice President for the Black Business and Professional Association, whose main purpose is to facilitate the advancement of Black business and professional community;  co-chaired and chaired the Harry Jerome Awards from 2004 – 2007; president of the Education Foundation for Children’s Care Canada, focusing on orphans, abused and disadvantaged children in the Third World countries;  sits on the board of the Education Foundation for Children’s Care International as vice president;  president for the Metro Federation of Adventist Youth, mentoring and developing youth for leadership and mission; director on the board of CYSA, providing opportunities for youth in the areas of academics, spirituality and athleticism; sits on the advisory board for On Your Mark Ministries, focusing on empowering young people to use their talent to advance humanity, as well as the building of a recreation centre in the GTA. These amongst many other boards Pauline serves on, on a yearly basis.


She actively participated in the Junior Achievement program within GTA communities and has been involved over a decade. She has done the Company program, teaching grade 11&12 students the key elements in developing their own small business, utilizing real world situation. She has also done the Project Business program, which offers grade 8 &9 students the chance to explore the Canadian Economic System and topics such as Money & Banking and Marketing. Her most frequent and favorite J.A program is the ESIS (Economics of Staying In School), which is taught to grade 8 students and explores four topics, Success, Independence, Employment and Careers. She participated in this program over ten times throughout different public schools in GTA.


In 2006 she actively participated with GTA Faith Alliance on the project addressing Guns, Gangs and Crimes in the City of Toronto, after Toronto experienced a bloody 2005/2006 amongst our Black youth population. The GTA Faith Alliance under the leadership of Don Meredith was very serious about developing a socio-economic and faith based strategy to stem the rate of violence in our community.  After thorough examination and research of Dr Eugene Rivers National 10 Point Coalition strategy, the GTA Faith Alliance has opted to explore the philosophy which has brought about radical successes to gang related crimes in Boston and many other large cities like Los Angeles, where the philosophy has been adopted. As a result, a visit was mandated and orchestrated by the Toronto team on which Christian was instrumental in marshalling Dr Rivers’ visit to Toronto in January 2006. A full itinerary was organized which included press conferences, visits with at risk youth in marginalized communit1es, meetings with community leaders, politicians, schools, churches, Chiefs of police, Canadian Jewish Dialogue as well as interviews with the media.