About Pauline Christian

Sports & Fitness

Christian is a former Physical Education teacher and believes in keeping herself fit at all times. Undoubtedly, she believes in striving for excellence in whatever she puts her mind, hands and feet to.  She is very athletic and takes her daily training seriously. Many people are marveled at her discipline in maintaining optimum health. With her busy work life, family life, church life and community life she is still able to put time in for her daily devotion as well as her daily workout. This type of discipline and balance is remarkable and commendable and needs to be recognized. Over the last10 years she is the longest running and most consistent 1500 metre female athlete participating in the CYSA Annual Track and Field Meet, held at York University. Considering that the 1500 metre race is an Open race, including much younger women who are most often 1/2 her age, it’s amazing how her participation in the race creates a buzz year over year which positions the 1500m race as  a challenging as well as a spotlight race at the Meet. When asked, what motivates her to continue running the 1500m race at her age when most female runners have thrown in the towel?  She answered, “ I am a living testament of  Philippians 4:13.”  “ I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me,” this is her daily motto.  She also believes that the body is the temple of God so her day to day lifestyle is one that promotes healthy living. Pauline is a proud member of the Apple Creek Track Club and an avid member of Extreme Fitness.  She also participates in numerous runs in the City of Toronto annually, to raise funds for various causes.