About Pauline Christian

Recent Noteworthy Invites

November 2010
: Pauline Christian, President of the Black Business Professional Association, was one of 18 leaders from business and academia who were invited to the opening session of consultations in Toronto. (The Globe and Mail)

April 2009: Invited and appointed to be the speaker and represent Coldwater Residents Overwhelmed with Water Damage (CROWD) at the Township of Severn Council.


April 2009: Invited to join the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper on a historic visit to Jamaica


March 2009: Invited along with 2009 Harry Jerome Awards winners to open the Toronto Montreal Stock Exchange (TMX)


March 2009: Invited to private tea with the Deputy Prime Minister of Jamaica, Ken Baugh  and Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Lawrence Cannon


March 2009: Invited to an exclusive reception at the ROM, to announce and endow the Michaëlle Jean Chair in Canadian Caribbean and African Diasporic Studies at the University of Alberta.


February 2008: Barrington Irving celebration on Capitol Hill, Barrington Irving was the First African American, Jamaican born to fly around the world on a solo engine.